2017 Infinite Discs Cache Valley Classic Caddy Book

Course Preview

To help get you excited, check out this course preview video filmed by Dylan Durrant.

Check In

We have player packs available to pick at Infinite Discs (1125 W. 400 N #120). You can also pick up your player packs Friday after 3:00 at Von Baer Park for the Flex Start doubles tournament. When you pick your player pack up we consider you checked in. You do not need to check in again Saturday morning. Simply be at the tournament central pavilion before the 8:45 player meetings.

Ace Pot: There is an optional $2 ace pot you may pay in at registration.

Non PDGA Current Fee: If you are not a current/active PDGA member, be sure to bring $10 to pay your single day PDGA membership fee.

If you cannot check in early, please show up promptly before 8:00AM Saturday so that we can get the tournament started on time.


Tournament Day

Parking – For the tournament, please park on the South End of the fairgrounds around the Indoor arena or on the street outside the fairgrounds. Please do not park directly by hole two unless you want your car to get hit.

Lunch – To help the tournament run smoothly and get the second round started promptly, we will have Sweet Pork Salads provided by El Rojo catering. If you don’t like Sweet Pork Salads, you may want to bring your own sack lunch to eat. There will not be a full hour lunch break for slower groups. Lunch will be provided for tournament participants only. If you have a caddy or personal gallery, they will have to provide their own lunches. If you would like a vegetarian option, please let me know.

Drinks will not be provided, but there are drinking fountains and water spickets all over the Fairgrounds.

Results and Payout – All amateur payout will be done automatically with Infinite Gift Cards. Once your second round is complete, and your card is double checked and turned in, you are welcome to leave.  Results are immediately published for both rounds as they are entered on the event page https://infinitediscs.com/Event/3061/Infinite-Discs-Cache-Valley-Classic-Sponsored-by-Innova

Tournament Rules

As a PDGA sanctioned event, all PDGA rules will be enforced. Please familiarize yourself with the course layout and detailed rules before the tournament. This will help reduce in round disputes and backups. Most of the holes will not have accurate tee signs so refer to the scorecard and map for hole information.

No Smoking Reminder, it is illegal to smoke at the Fairgrounds. Smoking will result in immediate disqualification. Detailed information on the rules, and hole distances can be found here:

Layout and Hole by Hole Rules

Hole 1, 365 ft: Pavement and beyond and water OB. Mandatory right (Drop zone to the right of the mandatory sign). Mandatory arrow is 273 feet from tee pad.

Hole 2, 180 ft: Water and beyond and pavement and beyond are OB.

Hole 3, 320 ft: Pavement is safe. Note that it will not be safe on your next hole. The building is OB, so 1 meter of relief if allowed for discs close to the building. Beyond fence is out of bounds. OB line for hole 4 is in play as well.

Hole 4, 220 ft: Double Mando. If you fail to make it on the correct side of the arrow, throw from the drop zone. String OB line to the right. PAVEMENT AND BEYOND IS OB!

Hole 5, 415 ft: Left of string and grassy area are in bounds. If you land out of bounds, throw from the spot your disc was last in bounds. Water and beyond and on bridge are OB.

Hole 6, 300 ft: Water OB and road and beyond right is OB. The dirt in between the water and road is IN BOUNDS. The two crossing paths are IN BOUNDS.

Hole 7, 260 ft: Tee to the basket that was previously used as “C”’s. Only grass is in bounds. Fence right, corral long are OB. If you land on the dirt track, take your next throw with penalty from where you were last in bounds.

Hole 8, 250 ft: Fence and beyond OB.

Hole 9, 275 ft: Fence and beyond OB.

Hole 10, 420 ft: Fence and beyond OB.

Hole 11, 260 ft: Fence and beyond are OB. Corral fence and beyond is OB. Mandatory left. (If you miss the mandatory, throw from the designated drop zone left the mandatory sign with a stroke penalty.

Hole 12, 480 ft: Fence and beyond OB. Corral OB.

Hole 13, 310 ft: Corral fence and beyond, Grassy area deep are OB. On the building is OB, meter relief for discs close to the building.

Hole 14, 550 ft: Bleachers and beyond are OB. Corral fence and beyond OB.

Hole 15, 380 ft: The large grassy area with the basket is considered an Island. Everything else is OB. If your drive does not land on the “island” throw from the drop zone with one stroke penalty.

Hole 16, 340 ft: Pavement, paved path left and beyond, corral right are OB. The dirt path near #9’s basket is in bounds.

Hole 17, 310 ft: Water, property fence and corral OB. Mandatory right. If mandatory is missed, go the the drop zone and throw with a stroke penalty. Dirt pathway is in bounds.

Hole 18, 325 ft: Before the mandatory, water and beyond are OB. Past the mandatory, water is OB, beyond water is in bounds. Pavement and beyond OB. Horse corral is OB. Mandatory right. (If you miss the mandatory and your disc crosses in bounds, throw from the designated drop zone by the mandatory sign with a stroke penalty. If your disc never comes back in bounds, take it where it was last in bounds with a stroke penalty and the mandatory still in play.) Mandatory tree is 253 feet from tee pad.

Hole 19, 370 ft: Mando left of first tree on right. Pavement and beyond left are OB. Right of line down right side of fairway is OB.

Hole 20, 275 ft: Water OB and pavement and beyond left, right and deep of pin OB.

Hole 21, 450 ft: Pavement and beyond left and deep of pin OB. Right of painted line down right side of fairway OB.



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