Summer League Schedule

With busy weekend schedules throughout the summer, ¬†Thursday nights is when we will be holding official singles league. We will still meet on Saturday mornings at 9:00 in Providence for tag rounds until at least the end of May. Other than the times when the Fairgrounds is in use on Thursday’s, league will be held

Vibram Birdie Bash Scores

Bob Davies did a fantastic job running this years Birdie bash. We had 35 participants, but no one could overcome Derek Labrum’s specialty event dominance. Champions Men: Derek Labrum Women: Annie Wright Overall Scores Second Round Card Winners Derek Labrum Alan Barker Taylor Pingree Kaden Schlieper Patrick Rasmussen Trevor CTP Winners Sam Clyde Derek Labrum

Cache Valley Disc Golf Awards

2014 Awards

To promote membership benefits and competition, Cache Valley Disc Golf will award excellent play, improvement, and participation. Season Awards The disc golf year will be divided into three seasons, with awards given at the end of each season. Points are awarded by rank on each course played that season, plus 3 points for each league