Local Courses

Cache Valley has four small neighborhood disc golf courses and 1-3 championship level 18 hole tournament courses depending on the time of year. Click here for more detailed descriptions and top scores for disc golf courses in Logan Utah.

There are also a few parks where we will occasionally set up baskets for a league round or tournament.

Tournament Courses


Cherry Peak

The disc golf course at Cherry Peak Ski resort is incredibly fun. This is a long 18 hole course where you get a ride to the top of the mountain and then play down hill. With a group of 5, the cost is $5 a person to play. The terrain is pretty steep and even though you’re playing downhill at Cherry Peak, you’ll get a great workout during your round. This course is not recommended for players who are not physically fit.

Because Cherry Peak is at a Ski Resort, it is only open during the summer.

Sherwood Hills

The Sherwood Hills Disc Golf course is an 18 hole course that plays mostly on the Sherwood Hills Ball golf course. This course is incredibly long with a good number of par 4 and par 5 holes. This is a pay to play course with a cost of $8 per round. One of the fun things about Sherwood Hills is that you can rent a golf cart. Like Cherry Peak, Sherwood Hills is a high elevation course at more than 6,000 feet. Expect your discs to fly a little more over-stable at Sherwood.

Beaver Mountain

Beaver Mountain Ski Resort has a course designed and baskets ready to set up. Unfortunately they arrived too close to winter and so will not be set up until the snow melts in 2018. This is a really fun course with lots of elevation changes and beautiful scenery. Unlike Cherry Peak and Sherwood Hills, you do not need to pay money to play this course.


Neighborhood Courses

Cache County Fairgrounds

The course at the Fairgrounds  was once a Tournament Course with 21 permanent holes. Unfortunate, due to its overwhelming popularity and interference with other fairgrounds activities the couse has been reduced to nine holes, and is now only open during winter.

Providence Von Baer Park

The Von Baer Park disc golf course is the oldest continuously standing course in Cache Valley, and the course that got many of us started playing disc golf.  This is a shorter, technical 9 hole course with lots of elevation change. While it has both A (longer) and B (shorter) tee pads for each hole, the thick vegetation and steep hills make it so that we don’t recommend this for beginners. The variety of different tee pads makes the Blind Gulley course play like an 18 hole course.

Nibley Disc Golf Course

Nibley City has a short beginner friendly course on mostly flat terrain in the Sunrise Meadow Park. This course is located in a water retention area at 2400 S and 1200 W. Right now the course has lots of weeds and not too many trees, but Nibley is working to make the weeds grass and plant trees. In a few years this will be a great addition to the Cache Valley disc golf scene.

Salt Hollow Park in Hyrum

Hyrum installed a short nine hole course in the new Salt Hollow Park. All holes are less than 200 feet but offer a variety of elevation changes along a meandering man-made stream. This is an excellent beginner course in a nice park with a playground and splash pad.  The Salt Hollow disc golf course isn’t the most exciting course, but it is a great place to work on your upshots and putting.

Sky View High School

Sky View High has 7 disc golf baskets that can be used for a fair disc golf course. The upper soccer field has 3 Innova Discatcher baskets while the area between the rec enter and the football field has 4 Disc Nation Freedom baskets. With high school activities going on, this course is frequently unavailable for disc golf play.

Amalga Sugar Park

Amalga has a small 6 hole course at Sugar Park. This course plays over baseball and soccer fields as well as a playground, so is unplayable when used by other parties. The good news is that this park is in a town with a population of 484 so the disc golf course is usually available to play.

Temporary Courses Used for League and Tournaments

USU Old Main Hill

Old Main Hill on the campus of USU makes a fantastic course. Lots of mature trees and elevation changes make a challenging but enjoyable course. Baskets are set up here for the annual USU disc golf club Trilogy Challenge.
Old Main Course PDF




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