League Play

Throughout the year the Cache Valley Disc Golf club hosts a weekly league. During the winter league play is on Saturday’s at 1:00. During summer months when there is enough daylight, league is typically moved to Wednesday Evenings.

We hold league play on a weekly basis throughout the year. Attending league is a great way to:

    • Have Fun
    • Play additional temporary courses
    • Meet and play with other disc golf enthusiasts
    • Improve skills by learning for others
    • Learn PDGA Disc Golf Rules
    • Add a competitive aspect to disc golf
    • Track scores and rankings
    • Acquire more disc golf stuff


See the CVDG Facebook page for time and schedule each week.

$$$ and Prizes

The league is organized and prizes and payouts are sponsored by Infinite Discs.
The cost to participate with the league is $5 or 6 Infinite Bucks. There are several different divisions based on skill level.

Open Division

This division is for the best disc golfers. Payouts may be taken in Cash or Infinite Bucks and are awarded only to those that finish in the top 40-50%. The open division payout is according to the following schedule.

Competitive Division

The Infinite Bucks competitive division uses the following schedule for payouts, and can be divided into Advanced and Intermediate subdivisions based on the number of players that week.

Divisions are automatically divided based on player rankings when eight or more players show up for league play. In the competitive division, everyone receives at least a small payout in Infinte Bucks.

Recreational Division

The recreation division is designed for newer disc golfers who want to play with the league, but want at least some return from their pay in. In the Recreation division, everyone wins at least $4 Infinite Bucks. The rewards for taking 1st vs 5th are only slightly different as shown by this payout scale.

Like the competitive division, the recreational division can be divided into sub groups.
All those who pay in for league play are eligible for Infinite Discs sponsored CTP prizes. These prizes range from discs, to lights, to t-shirts, to Infinite Bucks. The number of CTP prizes depends on how many people show up each week.

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