Tour de Cache Valley II Rules – March 2021

Tour De Cache Valley LogoCome celebrate spring by playing disc golf at Cache Valley’s best courses. This is a casual, pick your own group, tournament where you play five different courses in a casual competitive format (48 holes total). -Register Here

All participants will receive a tournament stamped disc, pencil, wrist band, 6-Buffalo Wild Wings, and an Infinite Discs t-shirt just for signing up. The top half of finishers in the competitive divisions will also receive payout in Infinite Discs gift cards.

Keeping Score

The preferred method for keeping score is using the Infinite Disc Golf Mobile app. This allows your scores to be recorded to the tournament website in real time so others can see how the competition is doing. Be sure to mark the correct round on the correct course.

This app hasn’t been updated in a while and does have issues on some devices, so we recommend manually keeping a back up score just in case. If your group has players playing in different divisions, you will need one member of each division to keep score using the app. Instructions for using the App for the tournament are found here:

Courses and Rules

Choose your own groups and playing time. You can play the courses in any order, but must play your tour rounds with at least one other person who payed the tour registration fee.

No practice throws. Once you walk up to the teepad on the first hole of each course to begin your tournament round, no practice or extra throws are allowed.

Don’t throw if the hole is in use by other people. Most of the parks we will be playing on the tour are public multi-use parks. Other park users have just as much right to be there as do you. If the hole you are supposed to play is occupied you have 3. options.

A. Wait until the people move out of the way.
B. Skip the hole and take par.
C. Come back and finish the hole later when it is not used by individuals.

The last thing we want to have happen is for disc golf courses to get removed for safety reasons.

Out of Bounds. If your throw goes Out of Bounds (OB) play from the spot last in bounds and take a one stroke penalty.

Scores must be in by 6:00 PM on Saturday, March 20th. You can start playing some of the rounds beginning now. Your last round must be completed, and your score card turned in either digitally or by bringing the physical copy to Infinite Discs by 6:00PM.

Specific Course Rules are as follows:

Course #1 – Providence Von Baer Park

TeePads and Baskets to Play

The Blind Gulley Disc Golf course at Von Baer Park has 2 sets of teepads and baskets on each hole of this nine hole course. The following divisions will play to the following baskets:

  • Intermediate/Advanced/Open Divisions – Long Teepads to the Green Baskets
  • Recreational/Women/Juniors – Short Teepads to Yellow Baskets

Course Rules:

  • Roads and beyond are OB.
  • Over the fence into the work yard is OB.
  • Creek is dry so it is in.
  • In the event of a lost disc, your card must agree “about” where the disc was lost. Throw from that spot with a one stroke penalty.

Course #2 – Riverhawk Disc Golf Course and Ridgeline High School

This course has nine holes that play around the high school.

  • Do not play this course during school hours.
  • The roads and rivers are out of bounds.
  • The sidewalk on holes 1, 2, and 3 is inbounds and playable.
  • The canal and beyond to the north on hole 8 is out of bounds.

Course #3 – Logan Cache County Fairgrounds

You will play all nine holes at the Cache County Fairgrounds from their normal tee positions. Individual hole roles are as follows:

  1.  Mando right. If missed, proceed to drop zone below mando arrow. OB: Gated arena, road and beyond
  2. OB: cement, road, paths and beyond.
  3. No OB
  4. OB: Road, dirt beyond metal barrier
  5.  Plays as an island. Proceed to drop zone if you do not come to rest on the grassy island area where the basket is.
  6. Proceed to drop zone if drive never crosses inbounds otherwise, play normal OB rules. OB: right arena/dirt area and beyond, path/concrete, and beyond.
  7. Mando left. If missed, proceed to drop zone. OB: Gated arena and beyond fence
  8. No mandos. OB: Road on the left.
  9. OB: concrete stairs, road and beyond

Course #4 – North Logan Elk Ridge Park

  • All Pavement and paths are OB.*
  • Over baseball field fences is OB. Playgrounds and tennis court is OB.
  • On holes 3 & 4 – Ditch and beyond, road and beyond are OB.
  • On all holes besides 3 & 4 – beyond walking paths is still in. Only ON paths is OB

Course #5 – Smithfield Heritage Park

Smithfield Heritage Park now has 12 baskets. Be sure to play the 3 letter baskets after hole 5 before proceeding to hole 6.

Thank Our Sponsors

Before, during, or after your round, be sure to stop by Infinite Discs for the Spring Sidewalk Sale. If you haven’t already, follow the Infinite Discs Logan facebook group for other hot deals and promotions.

Also, stop by Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch or dinner. Get your free wings and thank them for their sponsorship.

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