Tour de Cache Valley 2022

The Tour de Cache Valley 2022

It looks like it is going to be a cold event. We knew there was a risk in scheduling for early March, but we wanted to beat the kick-off of youth sport leagues that tend to make the parks much busier. Dress warmly and have fun playing these 5 small courses!

The Player Packs and the official score card are now available at the Infinite Discs store. We’d like to give a shoutout to Divergent Discs for sponsoring the event. Divergent Discs is a disc golf brand focused specifically on recreational disc golfers, which is our focus on this event, getting more people to play disc golf and try out our fun little courses.

You can come pick them up at any time and then begin playing the courses starting Thursday, March 10th. The focus for this event is to have fun playing a lot of courses in a short period of time. It’s a casual event, but there are a few rules that you should know.


You must play with at least one other person who is also participating in the tournament in order to keep each other honest. The rules for each course are the usual published rules for those courses. For example, roads and parking lots are out-of-bounds on all courses. Landing in a river or pond is out of bounds. Sidewalks in Nibley and Hyrum are out of bounds. Ridgeline sidewalks are okay. In Smithfield, any sidewalk, paved area, or over a baseball fence is out-of-bounds (except hole “B” where you may land in the baseball field while attempting to throw over or around the home run fence). There may very well be snow on many of the sidewalks that would normally be out-of-bounds. If your disc is surrounded by pavement, you’re out. If snow covers the path and your disc rests on or partially on the snow, then you are inbounds. So there is some advantage to playing with snow on the ground. By making snow-covered sidewalks inbounds, we avoid any arguments about where the pavement might or might not meet the grass. 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HYRUM (Salt Hollow Park): We found out that two of the baskets are temporarily removed by the city and likely will not be put back for the event. Please just skip those holes and leave the scorecard blank for those two. Thus, Hyrum will only be a 7-hole course, making it the easiest stop on the tour, so be sure to get some birdies!

SMITHFIELD EXTRA HOLES: If you haven’t played the “A, B, and C” holes at Smithfield, here is a quick description. All three holes play to green Prodigy baskets instead of yellow baskets. Hole A is played right after hole 5 and you’ll be throwing toward a basket to the west, near the baseball field. Once you leave the basket for A, walk around the home plate of the baseball field. The tee for hole B is on the pavement on the west side of the baseball field and the basket is past the homerun fence, between all of the baseball fields. Once you leave the basket for B, go back south between two of the baseball fields and you’ll see a nice tee in the grass next to a tree. You play across the entire soccer field for the longest hole, all the way back to the basket that is near the where you’ll then pick-up with the regular hole #6. It’s basically just 3 holes that loop around that west baseball field.

You may play the courses in any order at any time that works for you. If you have any questions while playing any of the courses, please text 435-374-8211 for clarification.

Please turn in this scorecard at the Infinite Discs store by 7PM on Saturday, March 12th.

The results will be posted on Monday and I’ll send the results out to this email list as well. Local winners can pick up their prizes at the store. Gift cards will be emailed to winners. If anybody is from out of town and wins discs, we’ll mail them to you.

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