Logan City to Get 2 New Disc Golf Courses!

Logan City will soon introduce two exciting new disc golf courses that promise to enthrall players of all skill levels. These courses are located at the land that used to be the Logan landfill as well asĀ  the farmland just South of the landfill.

The Infinite Discs Course, nicknamed the Colosseum, is an awe-inspiring championship-level course, while Area 52, sponsored by Doomsday Discs, caters to Logan residents, beginners, and intermediate players. With unique features and diverse challenges, these courses offer a well-rounded disc golf experience for enthusiasts of every level.

The Colosseum: A Championship-Level Masterpiece

Among the two extraordinary courses, the Infinite Discs Course, named the Colosseum, commands attention as a championship-level gem. Situated on the former Logan Landfill, this course weaves through the landscape, utilizing elevation changes and natural features to create dynamic and memorable holes. The Colosseum includes a remarkable selection of water hazards, demanding throws of at least 275 feet to clear the challenging areas. With multiple par 4s and even a 1000-foot long par 5, this course will truly test the skills and mettle of even the most accomplished players.Infinite Discs Logan Dump Course

Area 52: A Welcoming Haven for All

Designed for Logan residents, beginners, and intermediate players, Area 52 disc golf course, sponsored by Doomsday Discs, ensures that players of all skill levels can enjoy a fulfilling and fun-filled experience. This course, adjacent to the Colosseum, offers a balanced blend of challenges and accessibility. Whether you’re fine-tuning your skills or embarking on your disc golf journey, Area 52 provides a supportive environment that encourages growth and enjoyment.

Enhancing the Disc Golf Experience

Both courses offer a range of unique features that elevate the disc golf experience in Logan City. The Colosseum’s strategic use of the landfill landscape introduces exciting elevation changes, creating thrilling holes that require skillful shot selections. Additionally, the variety of water hazards presents an adrenaline-pumping challenge for players, ensuring an unforgettable gameplay adventure. Meanwhile, Area 52 welcomes players of all skill levels, fostering a supportive atmosphere where beginners can hone their techniques and intermediate players can refine their skills on a well-designed course.

Logan City’s forthcoming disc golf courses, the Colosseum and Area 52, embody the city’s commitment to providing exceptional recreational opportunities for disc golf enthusiasts. The Colosseum’s championship-level course, with its water hazards and elevation challenges, will enthrall advanced players seeking an exhilarating competition. Meanwhile, Area 52, sponsored by Doomsday Discs, ensures that players of all skill levels, including Logan residents and beginners, can enjoy a welcoming and engaging disc golf experience. With these remarkable additions, Logan City solidifies its place as a premier disc golf destination, catering to players’ diverse needs and fostering a passionate local disc golf community.

Baskets for these courses are expected to be installed in late 2023 with the courses being fully ready for public play in the summer of 2024. Grab your Remix Disc Golf Eldritch and get ready as these new courses will be available soon.

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