MVP Circuit – July 11th

Cache Valley MVP Circuit

Get ready for perhaps the coolest disc golf event ever. The players pack alone makes the Circuit a screamin’ deal, the fun you will have will make this event priceless.
If you have not yet tried MVP GYRO technology, and want to experience a unique new innovative golf disc, the MVP Circuit is the perfect opportunity.
Do to the limited course size of Von Baer Park, this event will be
limited to 45 participants. If you want to participate, register early.

Players Pack

MVP Circuit Players PackAll participants will receive this incredible player pack valued at more than $60. It includes:

  • Unreleased Relay 16mm Fairway Driver in Neutron Plastic
  • Tangent Midrange Driver in Plasma Plastic
  • Atom Putt & Approach in Electron Plastic
  • Swag Pack with MVP Koozie, Wristband, and Vinyl Sticker

Event Format

MVP Circuit Winners PackThe event will comprise of three different phases. Points will be awarded for each phase, and the person with the most points at the end of the event wins the grand prize — 15cm diameter, 275g golden aluminum trophy disc.
Players may elect to participate in all three events, or recreational players may simply play a round of disc golf at the extreme Von Baer disc golf course with their awesome new MVP discs.
Additional prizes sponsored by Infinite Discs will be awarded to the top 5 finishers as well as winners of Women and Junior divisions.

Phase 1 – Putter Olympics

Putting Competition — Points will be awarded based on the number of putts made from each station.  5 putts from different locations. 1 point for each putt made. You have 1 minute to complete the putting competition with your new MVP Atom putter.
Ring of Fire – Five winners will each each be awarded 5 points.

Phase 2 – Blind Gulley 18 Hole Round

Play a standard disc golf round of 18 holes using only your 3 new MVP discs. One round from the A Tees and 1 Round at the B’s for competitive players. Beginners, juniors, and women will play both rounds from the B-T’s.
Points will be awarded based on overall placement. (For example, 1st place will be awarded 45 points, 2nd place 44, 3rd 43, etc.)

Phase 3 – Driver Showcase

Distance Contest – How far can you throw up hill with a Gyro disc? Ten longest drives will all be awarded points.
Straight driving contest – Can you park a Gyro driver down a narrow tunnel? Ten drives closest to the pin will be awarded points.
If there is a tie, a sudden death putting competition will be used to determine the winner.

Optional Add Ons

Mulligans – To help raise money for our big disc golf event of the year, the Cache Valley Classic, we will be selling mulligans that can be used during your disc golf round. For $5 you will have 3 mulligans (do overs) where you can throw a second disc in hopes of getting a better outcome than your first through. With the high degree of difficulty of the Blind Gulley disc golf course, a mulligan might be just what you need to take home a prize.
Ace Pot – There will also be an optional $2 Ace Pot. If you get an Ace you win (or share the pot with any other Aces). If there are no aces, the Ace Pot will be decided by a CTP competition.
Purchase additional MVP Discs – As part of the MVP circuit, you will have access to additional unreleased MVP discs. These discs are available in the registration options, but can not be used during your competitive Phase 2 round of the circuit. They may be used during Driver Showcase.

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