Map and Rules for Cache Valley Classic

CVC 2nd Annual
Official Rules for the 2015 Cache Valley Classic:
All participants and spectators must follow Cache County Fairgrounds rules, including NO SMOKING or Alcoholic beverages.
This is a PDGA sanctioned event and players must adhere to PDGA rules including Out of Bounds rules and the use of a mini marker disc.

General Rules

At the end of the players meeting starting holes will be assigned — but the round will not begin until the official signal. Once the TD is ready to play a “2 minute” call will be yelled throughout the course. After two minutes, the call will be made to officially begin your tournament round.
Out of Bounds— When your disc lands in a spot that is designated as out of bounds by the course rules, you must take your next shot from the last place your disc was in-bounds and take a one stroke penalty.  If in question, use group consensus.  You may place your mini marker 1 meter in from the out of bounds line.  You must have both feet in-bounds to make your throw.   If any part of your disc is touching an in-bounds line, you are still in.  Your disc must be completely surrounded by out-of-bounds area to be out.  In the case the out of bounds line is marked by flags with no paint line, use your best eye-judgement and group consensus.
Mandatory Arrows—  Some holes have mandatory markers on certain trees.  They are arrows that point which direction your disc needs to go around the tree.  A spray paint line will be on the ground on the wrong side of the mandatory.  If your disc crosses this plane, you must take a one stroke penalty and then throw from the drop zone, which, on this course, is always next to the marked mandatory tree.  If your disc travels out of bounds before it crosses a mandatory line, you must play your disc from the last place it was in-bounds.  So you would get a one meter relief from that spot, and you still must play the mandatory.  (This comes into play mainly on holes 3 and 9.)
After the round is done. Add your score card, have someone double check your score card, initial your score card and turn it in to the tournament directors. A two stroke penalty will be assessed to any miscalculated score cards.
Hole Specifics
Hole 1– Mando tree right, pavement and beyond, waterway, and gravel road are OB.  If your discs lands across the waterway on the grass you are still in bounds.
Hole 2– All pavement and crossing paths are OB, gravel road on left is OB and will be marked with a spray paint OB line.
Hole 3– Pavement, beyond fence, and flagged line and beyond are OB.  There will be a line of flags separating the hole 3 and 4 fairways.  There is a mandatory tree left at the corner of the treeline on the right.  Remember if your disc crosses out of bounds before it crosses the mando plane, you must take your lie from the last spot it was in bounds (not the drop zone), take a stroke, and still play the mando left.
Hole 4– Beyond fence and beyond flagged line are OB.
Hole 5– Mandatory island hole, your disc must land and stay within the fenced grass area to be in bounds.  Pavement and beyond is out of bounds.  If you do not make the island you must re-tee with a penalty.  If you hit the island area and then slide out the back onto the pavement it does not count and you must re-tee.  If you do make the island and then throw out of the island, it is played as a normal OB with a stroke penalty.  Note: Junior and Rec. Women’s divisions play this hole as stated on tee sign, no island.
Hole 6– Pavement and beyond fence are OB. This is a new pin location slightly longer than the original fairgrounds course.
Hole 7– Pavement/concrete and beyond, and rooftops are OB.
Hole 8– Mandatory tree left.  Pavement, flower bed, rooftops, and beyond fence are OB.
Hole 9– Mandatory tree right.  Waterway and beyond is OB until mandatory is passed on the right.  Pavement/concrete and beyond is OB.  The gravel pathway behind and left of the basket is in-bounds.  If you miss the mando but your disc crossed an OB line first, you must play normal OB lie, not the drop zone.  Use DZ if the last place your disc was in-bounds was on the painted mando line.
Hole 10– Pavement/concrete and beyond is OB.  Waterway is OB.  The grass on the right side between waterway and concrete is in-bounds.
Hole 11A– Road and beyond, gravel, crossing paths, waterway, rooftops and Hole 13 island are all OB.
Hole 12– Beyond fence, gravel/dirt road, and beyond barrier right are OB.  The barrier fence OB line is formed where the fence posts are planted in the ground.  Proceed to hole A after this.
Hole A– Barrier right and beyond, zoo fence and beyond, pond fence and beyond, corral fence and beyond are all OB.
Hole B– Fence right and beyond, pond fence and beyond, back dirt path and beyond are all OB.
Hole C– Pond fence and beyond, corral fence and beyond are OB.  Return to hole 13 (Island Hole) after this.
Hole 13– Island hole.  You must land within the grass triangle island on the first throw, you cannot lay up on the close grass.  If the island is missed, throw from the drop zone with a penalty.  The drop zone is right next to the small building.  If you make the island but throw out of bounds on a later throw, play normal OB rules.
Hole 14– The path and beyond left, barrier and beyond right are OB. This hole has a tee pad and pin location longer that is deeper than the original location.
Hole 15A– Island hole. This is not the traditional tee pad location but is directly East of the basket. You must land within marked island on the first throw.  If the island is missed, throw from the drop zone with a penalty.  The island includes a waterway within it’s borders, this waterway is OB, and counts as a missed island and you must throw from the drop zone.  If you make the island but throw out of bounds on a later throw, play normal OB rules.
Hole 16– Path and beyond left is OB.  Marked OB line and beyond right.
Hole 17– Path on left and beyond and waterway are OB.  The grass on right side of the waterway is still in-bounds.
Hole 18– OB line right and beyond.  Concrete/pavement and rooftops are OB. This basket will be in a new shorter location.
Be courteous to everyone and good sportsmen/women.  Yield to groups in front of you.  Most of all, have fun!

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