Cache Valley Spring Disc Golf League

Dates and Time

The Cache Valley Spring Disc Golf League will be held every Wednesday at 5:30 from March 17th through June 21st, 2016.


League rounds will be held at the Cache County Fairgrounds,  Providence Von Baer Park and the Nibley Sunrise Meadows Course (we had planned to set up a temp course at USU Old Main Hill, but the weed killer put an end to that for us).
Here is the tentative schedule. It is subject to change, especially on weeks when the Fairgrounds may not be available for disc golf play. Be sure to follow the Cache Valley Disc Golf facebook group or sign up for contact alerts to make sure you know the right location each week.
Tentative Schedule:

  • March 16: Fairgrounds
  • March 23rd: Fairgrounds Alternative Layout
  • March 30th: Providence Von Baer Park
  • April 6th: Nibley
  • April 13th: Fairgrounds Alternative Layout
  • April 20th: Fairgrounds
  • April 27th: Providence Von Baer Park
  • May 4th: Nibley
  • May 11th: Fairgrounds
  • May 18th: Fairgrounds Alternative Layout
  • May 25th: Providence Von Baer Park
  • June 1st: Nibley
  • June 8th: TBDl
  • June 15th: TBD
  • June 21st: TBD


This is a singles league with weekly handicap payout. Players establish a handicap after they have played two league rounds. For those who played in the winter league, handicaps have already been established. The handicap levels the playing field and makes it so that players of all skill level can compete against each other. View current handicaps here.

Statistics and Tracking

All players who participate in Spring League will have their stats tracked and receive an Infinite Rating (similar to the PDGA rating). Weekly rounds will be rated and recorded.


The cost to for league play is $5 each week.  $1 for players without an established handicap.
Weekly payout will be awarded to the top 40% of weekly finishers in Infinite Bucks (store credit to Infinite Discs). $1 from each players pay in will go to season ending prizes.

Additional Weekly Prizes and Contests

Prize CTP – Each week there will be a CTP (Award for player whose drive lands closest to the pin) prize for 2016 club members who bring their bag tag to league play. The cost to join the club and get a bag tag is only $10.
Cash CTP – An optional cash CTP prize will be available for anyone who wants to add $1 to the pot.
Ace Pot – An optional one dollar ace pot is available. The ace pot builds every week until eventually someone gets an ace (hole in one).
Additional prizes sponsored by Infinite Discs will also be available for participants.

Season Ending Prizes

Season ending prizes will be awarded to players with the best combined scores at each of the four courses we play. In order to qualify for the season ending prize, you must play every course at least once. Only your best score at each course will be used towards season results. The more times you play each course the better your chance of getting a low score.
There will be four different division awards based on players end of season Infinite Rating.
Division groups will be divided by participants in each group. The estimated year end ratings for each group are as follows (subject to change based on participation):

  • 920+
  • 870 – 920
  • 820 – 870
  • <820

Season ending prizes will be payed out in Infinite Bucks and total amounts will be determined by overall participation in each rating bracket. The total prize should be big enough to buy a new disc golf bag or basket for winners of EACH division group.
Here are current standings.
For league play, players are expected to abide by PDGA rules. Individual course out of bounds rules will be discussed prior to each league round. Using a mini marker disc is encouraged.
Reminder: It is against the law to smoke at the Fairgrounds. Please refrain from smoking when you participate in league play, especially during check in and awards.

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