Tuesday Disc Golf League for Players of All Skill Levels!

Cache Valley Disc GolfThis Covid19 thing has pretty much taken all of the normal extracurricular activities out of our lives. It’s time we add a semi competitive activity that we can look forward to each week while still practicing social distancing. You may have thought a disc golf league isn’t for you, but it’s time to remind yourself that you’re alive!

The Infinite Discs Social Distancing League is a four week family friendly disc golf league for players of all skill levels. Our purpose is to promote competitive disc golf in a friendly atmosphere. Infinite Discs is donating a plethora of weekly and season prizes.

Time and Location

We will plan to host this league each Tuesday at 6:00 at the Cache County Fairgrounds, however, there is a good chance that they will take down the course before the end of the league season. If this is the case, we will hold the remaining rounds at other TBD courses throughout the valley. Please show up by 5:45 so that we can have cards assigned and be ready to tee off at 6:00.


For this league we will adhere to PDGA rules, and smoking is not allowed before, during, or after rounds (smoking is against the law in public parks in Cache County).

Covid 19 Adaptations

Because of the pandemic, we will take a few extra precautions:

  1. We encourage all participants to register online to minimize in person contact. Register Online Here!
  2. Maintain at least six feet distance between yourself and all other league participants and touch only your own discs.
  3. Use the Infinite Disc Golf app to record and submit your league round scores. To be in the Infinite and League system, you will need an Infinite Profile. If you don’t already have one, please set up an Infinite Profile here: Set up your profile here.
  4. All weekly payout will be submitted at once after the last league round. Results, and “earning” amounts will be posted weekly so you can see exactly where you are and how much you have earned.

Divisions and Cost to Play

The league will include 3 divisions:

Recreational: No Charge, but you are still eligible to earn CTP and other prizes sponsored by Infinite Discs. Competitively track your score and establish an Infinite Rating which will help you better rate your skills compared to other disc golfers in the area.

Intermediate: The intermediate division is for intermediate players competing for “Infinite Bucks” good towards the largest disc golf retailer in the world! (located right here in Logan, UT).   The cost to play in this division is $5 per week or $15 for the entire season.  Most players will receive at least some weekly payout with the winner receiving slightly more payout than each person they beat.

Advanced: The advanced division is for the best players in the valley and those who want to pay for Cash! Only the top 40% of finishers in this division earn payout.  $6 per week or $20 for the season.

Season Awards

Season awards sponsored by Infinite Discs will be given to the winners of each division at the end of the four week period. To be eligible for a season award, you must participate in at least three league rounds. If you play all four rounds, your lowest rated round will be dropped and not included in your season standings.

Optional Weekly Competitions

Each week there will also be an optional “Ace Pot” and “Bag Tag” competition.

Ace Pot: The cost to enter the Ace Pot each week is $1. If somebody hits an Ace (hole in one) they get all the money that is in the pot. If nobody hits an Ace, then the pot rolls over and builds until the next week, and the week after that until eventually somebody hits the pot. If you hit an Ace but do NOT pay into the ace pot, then you get no money, but at least you get a really good score on that hole right?

Bag Tags: Bag tags are a fun way to track how well you played compared with everyone else at league. The person with the best weekly score gets to sport the lowest, or #1 bag tag.

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