Join Cache Valley Disc Golf

Joining Cache Valley Disc Golf is easy. There is no credit check, background check, or drug test.
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What do CVDG Members Do?

In short, they have a blast.
The Cache Valley Disc Golf Club is the epicenter of everything great that happens in Cache Valley. A new course goes in? We’re lobbying for it! New improvements at a course? We help coordinate it! We fund-raise, we play, we win money, we get sponsorships, we have a great time! The group is friendly, uplifting, and helps you improve your game. Your involvement in the club is entirely up to you. Play for fun, or be involved and make the sport grow![/box]
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Joining CVDG in 2016 costs just $10 and gives you:

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How Do I Join?

Complete this form for email or text updates of upcoming events or event changes:
Simply show up at at any Cache Valley Disc Golf event and pay your dues. [/box]

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