Rules & Bylaws

* All paying members must comply with these rules. If you don’t agree with the rules, do not become part of the club.
Our club, Cache Valley Disc Golf, will be referred to as “the Club” . ‘League’ typically refers to the weekly event held by the Club.
Mission Statement: Cache Valley Disc Golf works to promote and develop the sport of disc golf in Cache County, to foster a friendly atmosphere at league events, and support other clubs in the region.

Section 1 – Membership Dues

Membership in the Club is $25 per person per calendar year. Members who offer a meaningful contribution to the Club, such as graphic design, running league for an extended period, running tournaments, PDGA score recorder, press contact, etc., may have their dues waived or reduced.
Annual membership includes merchandise that you receive at the time of registration, club discounts, and additional prizes that may be awarded.

Section 2 – Paying into league

To pay in to weekly league events, participants my use cash or ‘Infinite Bucks’, which are Club money redeemable at Infinite Discs.
Paying in to the weekly league event is optional. Participants do not have to be a member of the Club to pay in at league, however Club members get a $1 discount. While paying in offers benefits, such as prize eligibility (see section 3) and a more competitive atmosphere, the main purpose of league is to have fun. Therefore, paying in is not required. Non-Club members are welcome to play with the league at any time.
The pay-in fee is $5 cash or 6 Infinite Bucks for members, and $6 cash or 7 Infinite Bucks for non-Club members.
2.A – Club Pay-Out
100% of the money paid in for league will be paid out afterwards. There will be no refunds or applying a credit to a later date. If a player is unable to finish, he will be given a “DNF” (Did Not Finish) for the round and will take last place in his division for that event.
To be eligible to win money, participants must pay in prior to the first tee-off.
If you think you are going to have a bad day or might not have time to finish, don’t pay in.

Section 3 – League Play Prize Eligibility

Only those who have paid in for league for that week are eligible for prizes (Closest To the Pin and Ace Pot). Prizes may offered to specific divisions, or all divisions. There may be instances where everyone, including non-paying participants,  will be eligible to win a prize. In that case, it will be announced prior to competition.
3.A – Ace Pot
The only form of payment for the ace pot is cash.
You may pay into the ace pot only after you have paid into league for that day.
You do not need to be a member of the club to win the ace pot, you only need to have paid the league fees for the day, as well as the ace pot fee. The ace pot will be available at every announced league event. Special events, such as night play, doubles, etc., are eligible as long as they have been properly advertised.
If you hit an ace, you will either take home 100% of the ace pot, or an amount which has been announced prior to the event for that day. For example, on one of the easier courses, where an ace is more likely, the ace pot for the day may be a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the pot, such as $100 or 50% of the pot.
If more than one person gets an ace, the ace pot will be split evenly among all those who get an ace that day.
3.B – CTP Pot
Either cash or Infinite Bucks may be used to pay in for the CTP prize. The amount of cash and Infinite Bucks paid in is the amount that will be paid out.

Section 4 – Bag Tags

Bag tags are given to club members to promote competition, individual bragging rights, and show off that you are a member of the best disc golf club around. The lower the number of your tag, the better. The best possible tag available is #1.
When you pay your annual membership fee, you will be given a bag tag to use. This will be exchanged with others. At the end of the year, you will be allowed to keep the bag tag which you end up with.
Your individual bag tag usage will be tracked and rewarded at the end of the year.
You will receive the highest available and unclaimed bag tag after your first round of play as a league member. For example, if 15 bag tags are currently claimed by club members, and you are playing for your first time as a club member, AFTER your first round, you will receive tag #16. If you bring your #16 tag to the next league, you will then be competing for a higher tag.
At league, bag tags will be re-distributed from lowest score to highest, without respect to divisions. You must score lower than somebody with a better tag to receive that tag. A Tie goes to the person who brought the lower tag.
Anybody may publicly challenge other league members to a bag tag round. If another member publicly accepts that challenge, they will both receive 1 point toward the end-of-year standings for bag tag rewards.
If you have lost bag tag, and would like to be part of bag tag competition again, it will cost $3 to obtain a new one.

Section 5 – Conduct of Club Members

Members of the club are expected to be good stewards of the sport. Friendly banter, trash-talk, and other good-natured fun is encouraged. Club members are expected to foster an atmosphere that is inviting to all. The actions of members at club events should be appropriate for all. Foul language is uncalled for. Drinking and smoking are illegal for under age participants, so we kindly ask that if you are inclined to drink or smoke, please do so outside of league play.

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